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Enrollment Management

This fall marks 27 consecutive years of enrollment growth at Oregon State University.

We are Oregon’s largest public four-year university, and our status as the state’s Land Grant institution means we are here for all Oregonians.  But we also feel a larger obligation to the Pacific Northwest; so the challenges we address, and the solutions we offer, are global in nature.

Consider that OSU:

  • Generates more research funding annually than the other four-year public institutions in the state combined
  • Enrolls more residents and more nonresidents than any other four-year institution in Oregon
  • Awarded more than 30% more bachelor’s degrees in 2021-2022 than any other institution in the state
  • Is located in every county in Oregon, which makes us determined to provide a path to an OSU degree for every resident of the state

We invite you to explore our successes and our enrollment portfolio more fully on this page, or the rest of the OSU web site.  Of course, any of our EM staff is happy to answer questions or provide more information about OSU and the important work we’re doing.

Misson Statement

Setting and fulfilling enrollment goals, recruiting, retaining, providing access and caring for students throughout their college career.

The office of Enrollment Management at OSU includes the people who manage systems and processes as we identify, recruit, and enroll new undergraduate students, including software, web communication data analytics, and admissions. EM also serves both new incoming and continuing students via the administration of state and federal financial aid, and internal and external scholarships. Additionally, we are the conduit to INTO OSU, working to ensure that OSU is an internationally vibrant and thriving community. And finally, EM is concerned with issues of access and opportunity, exposing pre-college students to opportunities via institutional and federal programs that seek to increase college attainment among students who might not otherwise be destined to consider postsecondary options.


Student Enrollment

Stats at a Glance

Total Students: 36,636
Oregon Students: 18,896
States Represented: 50
International Students: 2,213
Honors College Students: 2,026
Total Credit Hours: 421,384

Student Locations

OSU enrollment by location: Cascades 1313, Ecampus 11430, Corvallis 24188

Explore more location data on the Institutional Analytics and Reporting Website.

Student Characteristics

2023 student type breakdown: 84% undergraduate, 16% graduate/professional


2023 student gender breakdown: 50% men, 49% women, 1% not reported

Explore more student characteristics data on the Institutional Analytics and Reporting Website.

Students of Color

2023 students of color breakdown: American Indian or Alaska Native 206, Asian 2813, Black 752, Hispanic 4265, Multiple 2343, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 107


Explore more ethnicity data on the Institutional Analytics and Reporting Website.


Students Living in University Housing

Housing trends last 5 years (2019-2023): Corvallis 4625, 2415, 4960, 5334, 5303 and Cascades 163, 140, 209, 274, 280

Ecampus Students

Ecampus students last 5 years (2019-2023): 7467, 8840, 10082, 10679, 11430

Total Student Enrollment


Student enrollment trends last 5 years (2019-2023): 32774, 33359, 34108, 35239, 36636

International Enrollment

Top 5 Countries: India, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea

International student enrollment trends last 5 years (2019-2023): 3498, 2924, 2654, 2543, 2213

By Oregon County

2023 Oregon county map

By State

2023 state map

Enrollment By College

College 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024
Agricultural Science 2,697 2,902 2,990 3,029 3,032
Business 4,138 4,069 4,259 4,624 4,928
Earth, Ocean, &
Atmospheric Sciences
1,028 1,100 1,130 1,225 1,297
Education 541 592 590 613 597
Engineering 9,509 9,683 9,999 10,651 11,014
Forestry 1,279 1,350 1,356 1,373 1,292
Health 2,614 2,509 2,483 2,483 2,096
Liberal Arts 4,571 4,584 4,717 4,961 5,026
Pharmacy 377 359 341 314 294
Science 3,831 3,947 4,098 4,166 4,166
Veterinary Medicine 275 294 297 337 334


New Undergraduate
Student Summary

Top 10 Undergraduate Majors

From over 200 programs available

  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • General Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biology
  • Kinesiology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Zoology
  • Biohealth Sciences

First-Year Quick Stats

2023 quick stats: 2927 residents, 1836 non-residents, 3.76 median HS GPA, 1919 first-generation college students

Explore more first-year data on the Institutional Analytics and Reporting Website.

Freshmen Applicant to Enrolled Breakdown

2023 freshmen applicant breakdown: 29748 applied, 23873 admitted, 4962 enrolled

First-Year Honor Students

First-year honor students last 5 years (2019-2023): 509, 531, 529, 606, 819

Freshmen Enrollment Trends

Freshmen enrollment trends last 5 years (2019-2023): 3748, 3899, 4339, 4840, 5006

Explore more trend data on the Institutional Analytics and Reporting Website.

Transfer Student Enrollment Trends

Transfer enrollment trends last 5 years (2019-2023): 2017, 2336, 2261, 2306, 2224
Whitney Packard quote
Hudson Jackson quote
We rank highest among all Oregon universities in total grant and scholarship dollars awarded and total undergraduates receiving them.

Summary of awarded scholarships to first-year students

  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) 
  • Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship 
  • Provost Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship 
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Scholarship 
  • National Scholars Award 
  • Diversity Achievement Scholarship
  • Middle College Program Award
  • Additional Scholarship Opportunities 

$329 million

in scholarships and financial aid are awarded each year 



of all first-year, full-time undergraduate students received grant or scholarship aid


Enrollment Management Leadership

Keeley Abbott
Keeley Abbott
Executive Director of EM CRM Practice
Jon Boeckenstedt
Jon Boeckenstedt
Vice Provost of Enrollment Management
Noah Buckley
Noah Buckley
Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Admissions
Dan Crouch
Dan Crouch
Director of Enrollment Management Web Strategy
Marigold Holmes
Marigold Holmes
Director of International Admissions
Christina Peltier
Christina Peltier
Director of Scholarships
Keith Raab
Keith Raab
Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Financial Aid
Dr. Susan Rowe
Dr. Susan Rowe
Director of Precollege Programs
Heidi Headshot
Heidi Ware
Director of Business Operations


Our Offices



The Office of Admissions identifies, recruits and admits qualified undergraduate applicants to Oregon State University in alignment with enrollment goals. In collaboration with campus partners, we promote access and diversity in keeping with OSU’s land grant mission. We seek to attract and enroll students who will thrive here, who will help others thrive here, and who will continue to benefit from their OSU experience beyond graduation.

Financial Aid


The Office of Financial Aid supports the mission of the university and Enrollment Management by providing access to higher education and equality of educational opportunity. We provide monetary assistance to students who cannot pursue their education without financial support. Financial aid programs have a direct impact on student recruitment, retention and academic achievement. We administer funds from federal, state, university and private sources to provide higher educational opportunities to all eligible students.



The Scholarship Office oversees the University Scholars Program, which awards admission-based scholarships to new undergraduate students, and administers OSU ScholarDollars, a scholarship search and application portal through which more than $11 million is awarded annually by OSU’s colleges and programs. We recognize and celebrate student excellence, diversity, and achievement through an array of scholarship opportunities and are committed to increasing opportunities for access, providing financial guidance to students and families, and encouraging engagement and research.

International Admissions


Office of International Admissions supports the INTO OSU public-private partnership by delivering OSU evaluation expertise and operations support relevant to international student recruitment. The team supports application processing and evaluation of international applicants for all undergraduate degree programs, for select graduate degree programs and for all INTO OSU programs.

Precollege Programs


The Office of Precollege Programs oversees a wide range of services to promote success for Oregon’s youth. PCP offerings, which include after-school clubs, summer camps and professional development for K-12 teachers, focus on providing pathways to higher education for students from diverse backgrounds. PCP works with OSU faculty to broaden the educational impact of their research projects while co-creating STEM learning opportunities for K-12 students. PCP also offers administrative services to enhance collaboration with youth programs in OPEN, the OSU Precollege Education Network.

Enrollment Management IT


Enrollment Management Information Technology (EMIT) provides tools and support to serve the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Precollege Programs and Scholarships. We help these departments make the most of OSU’s student information systems, providing third-party data integration, digital marketing, business and data analysis, routine reporting and hardware management.