OSU Slate Implementation Project

A new CRM for undergraduate recruitment launches in 2020.

Key Benefits of Slate
  • Slate is a comprehensive CRM designed and developed exclusively for higher education admissions.
  • Access to manage your recruits at the college and departmental level.
  • Leadership and management roles can easily interface with Slate without the need for developers.
  • Unlimited site licensing for participating members.
  • Complete access to student data, records, and touchpoints at OSU.
  • Automated, data driven communications including print, email, and text messages* (charges apply)
  • Event management and registration.
  • Real-time reporting functionality.

Project Details



  • Undergraduate students including prospects, inquiries, applications, and admits up to matriculation.



  • Fall 2019:  Technical planning and setup
  • December 2019:  Migrate Salesforce recruit data
  • Winter 2020:
    • First prospect data load 
    • Event setup
    • First communications to prospects
  • Spring 2020:  Administrative planning and setup
  • Summer 2020:  Transition planning and conversion
  • Fall 2020:  Project completion and Slate becomes official record source for Admissions data.


Implementation Management

  • Project Sponsor:  Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost Enrollment Management
  • Initial Slate Administrators: 
    • Keeley Abbott, Operations Manager and co-interim IT Manager, Enrollment Management
    • Dan Crouch, Digital Communications Manager and co-interim IT Manager, Enrollment Management
    • Lance Duddlesten, Senior, Data Integration Strategist, Enterprise Computing Systems
  • Admissions Team Captains: 
    • Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions
    • Blake Vawter, Senior Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing
    • Erin Rau, Associate Director of Operations
  • College Implementation Captains:
    • Malcolm LeMay, Director of Operations, College of Business
    • Olga Loza, Analyst Programmer, College of Business
    • Lakshmi Srinvasan, Analyst Programmer, College of Engineering


Implementation Partners

  • Chris Browning:  Director, Recruitment Systems and Technology, DePaul University
  • Marlene Mohs:  Consultant

OSU Slate Implementation FAQ

Slate is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows OSU and it's colleges to manage prospective student information, like contact information, accounts and leads in one location.  From the initial point of contact, through the prospective student journey, all the way through application and enrollment.

Slate is utilized by over 1,000 colleges and universities.  Of the top 50 universities in the country, 48 utilize Slate.

Slate allows OSU to manage interactions with student populations between recruitment and advising teams, direct marketing campaigns, application processing, events organization and registration, and reports generation. The Slate system improves the student admission experience by providing a more intuitive interface and having one centralized repository for incoming students to submit required documents. It also helps the University reduce costs through improved productivity. Achieving better efficiency will allow staff to spend more time on the high value/high touch work of interacting with prospective students while providing a more modern tool to enhance the University’s recruitment efforts.