Providing Tools and Support to Serve All EM Departments

Enrollment Management Information Technology (EMIT) provides tools and support to serve the offices of Admission, Financial Aid, Scholarships and, Precollege Programs.  The group assists enrollment management departments to make the most of student information systems, 3rd party data integration, digital marketing, business and data analysis, routine reporting and hardware management.

Operational Support

Our main mission at Enrollment Management Information Technology (EMIT) is to provide 365/24/7 operational support to the offices of Admission, Financial Aid, Precollege, and Scholarships.  We help our departments make the most of our student information system, Slate CRM, 3rd party data integration, business and data analysis, routine reporting, and even hardware management.

SLATE Development and Support

Slate is a dynamic and expanding pre-enrollment CRM supporting the student experience from recruit through orientation. Learn more about EM Slate implementation.

Web Services

We offer a full suite of web management for our departments and partners.  Specializing in Drupal, WordPress and HTML 5, we provide sites for nearly 30 stakeholders.  We strive to meet not only the latest web standards but accessibility for all audiences as well.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Working with campus partners like Enterprise Computing and Institutional Research, we provide insights from data not available anywhere else on campus.  Our expert analysts are skilled in the best tools available on campus and our Leadership depends on their reporting and data retrieval.

Team Members

 Dan Crouch

Dan Crouch
Director of Enrollment Management Web Strategy

Dan is responsible for setting and implementing creative and innovative approaches to the web strategies that drive new student enrollment and continuing student service for all the offices in Enrollment Management.  Dan has over 20 years of experience at OSU supporting Enrollment Management in information technology and digital marketing roles.

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 Keeley Abbott

Keeley Abbott
Director of Recruitment Technology Systems

Keeley Abbott brings 15+ years of professional experience, including 9 years working in higher education. He came to Oregon State University in 2014 where he earned his M.S. in Computer Science.

Keeley is responsible for providing leadership, innovative solutions, programming and technical support for the operations and programs necessary for the delivery and quality control of Enrollment Management programs.

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 Jonathon Metcalf

Jonathon Metcalf
Analyst Programmer

Jonathon Metcalf originally hails from the Washington D.C. Metro area, and has enjoyed living in Oregon for more than 7 years now.

As an analyst programmer for Enrollment Management IT, Jonathon assists with the development and maintenance of the Slate platform, as well as providing technical support for Admissions and Recruitment, as well as various departments across the university.

In his free-time, Jonathon enjoys spending time with his family, creating (just about anything), playing the guitar, and pretty much anything involving nature, math, or science.

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Picture of Jordan Lyman Analyst Programmer

Jordan Lyman
Analyst Programmer

Jordan joins our team from the University of Montana. After graduation he continued as a tech consultant in their IT department and later would advance as their lead analyst on implementing Slate at UM in 2018.

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Brian Lindsley
Operations & Systems Manager

Brian Lindsley joined Oregon State University in 2001. Brian's role includes leveraging technology and data analysis in support of the mission and day-to-day operations for Enrollment Management.

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Stefany Terrell
Associate Director of Application Development

Stefany Terrell lives in Indiana and brings 10 years of professional experience working in higher education. She came to us from Indiana University where she has worked in their admissions office and IT department. Stefany’s role is in managing and organizing projects as well as being a liaison between the different groups within Enrollment Management. In her free time, she travels as much as possible and loves culinary exploration and being in nature.

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Valyn Bodensteiner
Web Designer and Marketing Manager

Valyn lives in Iowa and brings 9 years of experience in marketing and communications strategy, content development, and website management to the team. She is responsible for designing engaging web experiences for student discovery, education, and acquisition that are inclusive, human-centered, accessible, and secure. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family, gaming, visiting national parks, and reading.

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Eliot Nix
Analyst Programmer

Eliot Nix joins our team from Indiana University Bloomington. There he spent 10 years developing applications for the Office of Admissions, becoming their lead developer. Scheduling, data load, and automated scripting applications are just a few of the software he’s developed.

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Yao Jun Ma
Student Developer

Yao assists in routine web maintenance and web upgrades for the EM department. 

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