Students sometimes experience situations in which lack of funding is just one of the issues they face.  Multiple facets of the student experience are involved, requiring a holistic, coordinate response across student service departments.

The Financial Care Team was established to provide a coordinated response to students in an expedited way.   The Team members are managers from specific student services departments who have the authority to make decisions in advising or solving student’s urgent situations.   Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer cases to the Financial Care Team using the referral form

The Team includes members of the Student Affairs Student Care Team and will refer or coordinate with that group as appropriate. The Financial Care Team supplements current services, and is not designed to duplicate or replace services.  If, for example, the resolution lies within one particular department and does not require coordination of departments, a referral to that department will be made.  If consultation with a service is warranted that is not represented on the Team, the Team will involve that department.

Accessible and responsive:  The Team will contact the student within 24 (business) hours of receiving the referral from a faculty or staff member.  The Team is sponsored by the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management.  Any questions or concerns regarding the Team should be directed to the APEM.